Railway infrastructure worksites are developing significantly. For both maintenance operations and new works, the market is now looking out forcompetitive "turnkey" offers to optimise investments.  Players that wish to matter tomorrow therefore need to maximise the creation of value.

This is clearly the choice that SFERIS makes in :

  1. Developing an "expertise and consulting offer", to guide its customers in defining their needs,
  2. Rolling out across all fields of maintenance and railway works,
  3. Investing in the business-area versatility of its field teams.

These principles, accompanied with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, represent the very DNA of SFERIS and contribute to its success.


Catenaries & OCL

This activity includes new works, facility alteration works and the provision of services to maintain catenary facilities and overhead contact lines (OCL).


The railway worksite Safety sector encompasses electrical-protection and human and automatic track warning services. It also includes the accompanying of works trains and the guarding of level crossings on closed lines, as well as the managing and operation of works bases.


SFERIS conducts new works, track renewal works and track-facility maintenance services.


Fortified by its resources, SFERIS assures expertise and consultancy assignments to facilitate the optimisation of projects and also performs external auditing.
SFERIS assures the provision of staff training and advanced-training services.


As delegated manager for infrastructure, SFERIS coordinates activity between various businesses, as well as exploitation (traffic, shunting).

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