Our business areas

The SFERIS teams are deploying their know-how within the scope of new works, regeneration and maintenance in the following fields of activity :

- railway worksite securing; human and automatic track warning system, electrical protection of worksites and management of works bases, track and safety expertise,
- catenary and overhead contact lines on urban and peri-urban networks,
- track,
- railway signalling,
- "track and safety" expertise.

Traffic announcer and safety officer on railway worksites


  1. Announcing trains crossing the railway works zones,
  2. Assuring safety on worksites.

Main activities

  1. Assuring railway track warning on railway works worksites. Using a horn device capable of high power sound.
  2. Responsible for safety on the worksite under his/her scope.

Applicant profile/skills

  1. Ability to remain vigilant and attentive for the full duration of a work period,
  2. Demonstrates rigour, autonomy and a methodological approach,
  3. Good interpersonal skills and team spirit,
  4. Geographical mobility.