Our business areas

The SFERIS teams are deploying their know-how within the scope of new works, regeneration and maintenance in the following fields of activity :

- railway worksite securing; human and automatic track warning system, electrical protection of worksites and management of works bases, track and safety expertise,
- catenary and overhead contact lines on urban and peri-urban networks,
- track,
- railway signalling,
- "track and safety" expertise.

Catenary Maintenance Technician


Conducting simple catenary maintenance operations.

Main activities

Assuring simple catenary maintenance tasks :

  1. participating in contact-wire verification operations,
  2. participating in rod replacement operations,
  3. participating in adjusting all catenary components,
  4. driving passenger transport vehicles.

Applicant profile/skills

  1. Autonomy,
  2. Rigour,
  3. Practically-minded,
  4. Good interpersonal skills,
  5. Team spirit and a team player,
  6. Full observance of instructions,
  7. Geographical mobility.