Since the inception of SFERIS in February 2012, the volume of purchases has increased significantly, in direct ratio to the increase in headcount.  Thus, at the end of 2015, the volume was 16 million euros.

Our procurement policy tends to optimise costs by constantly seeking new suppliers and diversifying our procurement sources.  

Likewise, market research for products or alternative solutions falls within our drive for innovation every day. 

Our principles

  1. Long-term partnerships with our suppliers.
  2. Quest for performance
  3. Studies and tripartite collaborative decisions by:
        -  Internal customer
        -  Technical expert
        -  Purchasing manager

    With just over 500 regular suppliers, SFERIS mainly buys in the following fields: rail materials, signalling, machine rental, provisions.

    In addition, SFERIS manages the accommodation of all its employees working on production sites all over the territory.  

In 2015, this area represented 19% of our purchases.












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